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Licensing Info

Oklahoma locksmiths are regulated by the Oklahoma Dept. of Labor (ODOL).

For more information regarding locksmiths and licensing in Oklahoma, visit the ODOL website.

For current information on renewal of license requirements please go to ODOL site.

As of February 2016, OMLA has been designated as a testing site and info is available via omla.comwebsite where a request for test form is available for download and submission.

For information about State Licensing, go to the ODOL website for Locksmith catagory

Important Licensing Renewal Information

ODOL licensing renewal dates changed beginning last July 1st, 2013. The Company license and the Individual license renewal dates are no longer the same. The individual license renewal deadline is the last day of the licensee's birth month, while the Company renewal is the last day of the original issuing month, so please check your individual and Company (if applicable) licenses to determine your renewal dates. (Please note: direct mail renewal notices will no longer be sent out by ODOL. Renewal notification will be done electronically, so make sure you provide an email address or cell phone number for texting when renewing) The renewal applications can be found on the ODOL website where you can print out the individual or Company renewal forms, fill them out as specified with the appropriate other items required including the necessary fees and submit them (failure to renew prior to expiration date causes fees to double, so don't delay). To ensure the new licenses are received before the current one expires, plan on submitting them a couple of months early if possible.

The OK. Dept of Labor (ODOL) web site has listed all licensed Companies and individuals on their web site.

Contacts for ODOL are: Enforcement - 405-521-2611 or 888-269-5353; Licensing - Bettye Finch at 405-521-6855; or the main switchboard at 405-521-6100.

If you wish to contact the Oklahoma State Department of Labor, you can call 405-521-6100 (main swt bd) or go the their website to view or print the Act, rules, or various application forms, or view the list of licensed Companies or Individuals, go to, and click on, the specific header for the area you want and that area will open. The State will have to provide you with fingerprint cards via US mail.

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