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Legislative Activities

Legislative Session 2017 -This bill was signed by governor on 4/25/2017 and will go into effect 11/01/2017. Short version: it will allow locksmiths to install and work on integrated systems without obtaining additional licenses. ( ie access control, CCTV , residential fire and burglar alarms ) Of course there are some conditions that go along with this and everyone should read the bill to see them. SB531

Legislative Session 2015 - SB380 was approved by the Governor allowing certain Companies to employ telemarketing personnel to market residential alarm systems without requiring them to be licensed sales personnel. ATT drove this bill and against our requests, the bill passed through the Legislature and the Governor's office. Time will tell how much our Industry is impacted by this Legislation. HB 1067 to include the Sprinkler Industry to the Act was also passed and signed by the Governor.

Currently, legislative activity regarding locksmithing appears to be associated with the Alarm Industry requesting changes to our act concerning who can teach education and the contents presented (initial as well as advanced testing, etc.) Our Legislative Action Team is reviewing and determining how this could affect us and what we need to do one way or the other.

The normal process during any given year is as follows:

When the legislation pertains to our Industry, we then begin the process of either supporting or defending against the bill through direct contact with the Committees assigned to review the legislation, then following through the legislative process if it makes it out of Committee to either floor for a vote. If it passes out, it then goes to the other body for consideration, etc.

Early awareness of any such legislation is critical to properly reacting to it in a timely and effective manner.

How Locksmiths can get involved in the process

It began in 2010 as the new Locksmith Licensing was beginning to be attacked by outside entities. Our Legislative Liaison was asked a question about how can we as locksmiths could go about stopping someone from being exempted from the law, or any other effort that would compromise our Industry?

The answer is in three parts (and proved so true during the 2010 session):

#1: You as the locksmith must get involved and get in touch with your Senator and Representative now (They go back in session the first week in February of each year) to speak with, and let them know your feelings on non-qualified entities being exempted from the law, etc.( See List Below)

#2: The easy part, OMLA has a group of locksmiths that go to the Capital every year to speak with the Senators and Representatives about this and other subjects concerning the Locksmith Industry. Join them for one day and see what they do and voice your opinion to them.

#3: Even easier. When the time comes, be prepared to call, send a letter, or e-mail your Senator or Representative and remind them who you are and what you spoke to Him or Her about.

Your Locksmith Licensing is a valuable item that others would love to take away from you. The question is, are you willing to fight for your Licensing and your Industry.

It's very important each locksmith stay aware and let us know of any such information quickly so we can react to any such activities. We have to stay vigilant to protect our Industry. Every eye and ear counts. Without the help of the Legislators, we'll have difficulty stopping the special interest groups. We are invited members of the CIC to help us with these issues as they come up.

And the battle over exemptions will continue on!

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