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OMLA Classes August 2020

Due to the Corid-19 Virus, no classes are scheduled and both the Board meeting August 14 th, 2020 at 7 PM and the Membership meeting August 15th, 2020 at 10 AM, and will be teleconferenced by phone to comply with distance spacing requirements. Board Meeting for Officers is scheduled for 7PM the 14th, Membership meeting 10 AM the 15th. Phone number is 605-475-4000 w/ access code 506298# (# must follow code)

link is

The November meeting is tenative and will be announced as information becomes available. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

Disregard pre-registration notice for this meeting, as it does not apply.

Pre-registration Cut-off date for all classes isalways 30 days prior to class date unless waved

In addition, OMLA is, and will behosting at each quartlerly meeting except the August meeting, a Locksmith preparation class and an Access Control preparation class sanctioned by ODOL for license, each pertaining to their specific field, covering types of test questions, field general knowledge, and tricks of the trade.These are each 1 day classes and the cost of each class is $275, however, if any OMLA member in good standing wishes to upgrade their license, the fee will be $225.00 each. Classes run from 8AM to 5PMon Saturday, supper break, then testing of subject same evening. See meeting schedule tabfor dates and times. Class size minimum is 5 students or the class is not held.

Pre-registration Cut-off date for all classes will always be 30 days prior to the scheduled class date

(see OKC location tab for place and directions)

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